Working on your car can be Dangerous here are some of the potential risks and hazards to avoid injury:

General Hazards

  • Do not remove the radiator or expansion tank cap while the engine is hot.
  • Engine oil, transmission or power steering fluid may also be dangerously hot if the engine has been run recently.
  • Beware of burns from the exhaust system and from any part of the engine, Brake discs and drums can also be extremely hot immediately after use .
  • Never Venture Under A vehicle Which Is Only Supported by A Jack.
  • Take care if loosening or tightening high torque nuts when the vehicle is on stands, initial loosening  and final tightening should be done with the wheels on the ground.
  • Fuel is highly flammable; fuel vapour is explosive.
  • Do not let fuel spill on to a hot engine.
  • Do not smoke or allow  naked lights (including pilot lights) anywhere near a vehicle being worked on. Beware of creating sparks (electrically) or by the use of tools.
  • Fuel Vapour is heavier than air, so do not work on the fuel system with the vehicle over an inspection pit.
  • Another potential cause of fire is an electrical overload or short- circuit. Take care when repairing or modifying the vehicle wiring system.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher handy, a type suitable for use on electrical and fuel fires
Electric Shock
  • Ignition HT and Xenon head lights can be dangerous especially to people with a heart problem or pacemaker, Do not work on these systems with the engine running or the ignition switched on.
  • Mains voltage is also dangerous. make sure mains-operated equipment is correctly earthed. Mains power points should be protected by a residual current device (RCD circuit breaker).


Fumes Or Gas Intoxication
  • Exhaust fumes are poisonous they contain carbon monoxide which is rapidly fatal if inhaled. Never run the vehicles engine in a confined space such as a garage with the doors shut.
  • Fuel vapour is also poisonous, as are the vapours from some cleaning solvents and thinners.
Poisonous or irritant substances
  • Avoid skin contact with battery acid and with any fuels, fluid or lubricants. Antifreeze, hydraulic brake fluid petrol and diesel, do not syphon them orally. If such substances are swallowed  or gets into your eyes seek medical help.
  • Prolonged contact with used engine oil can cause skin cancer. Wear gloves and use barrier creams where necessary.  Change out of oil soaked clothes and do not keep oily rags in your pocket.
  • Air conditioning refrigerant forms a poisonous  gas if exposed to a naked flame (including cigarettes). Refrigerant can cause skin burns on contact.

Asbestos dust can cause cancer if inhaled or swallowed. Asbestos may be found in gaskets or in brake and  clutch linings. When dealing with such components it is safest to assume they contain asbestos.

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Special Hazards

Hydrofluoric acid is extremely corrosive, acid is formed when certain synthetics rubbers found in some O rings, oil seals and fuel hoses are exposed to temperatures above 4000c.

The Synthetic rubber changes into a sticky charred substance containing the acid. Once formed the acid remains dangerous for years. If it gets into the skin it could result in amputation of the limb concerned.

If dealing with a vehicle that has suffered a fire, or with components salvaged from such vehicles wear protective gloves and discard appropriately after use .

The Battery

Batteries contain sulphuric acid which destroys clothing, Take care of your eyes and skin when topping up or carrying or fitting a battery.

Hydrogen gas given off by a battery is highly explosive, never cause a spark or allow a naked light nearby. Take care when connecting and disconnecting battery chargers or jump leads.

Air Bags

Air Bags may cause injury if they are activated accidentally, Take care if removing the steering wheel or trim panels, Specialist storage is required do not leave removed airbag units unsecured, as air bag units contain an explosive charge.

Diesel Injection Equipment

Diesel Injection pumps supply fuel at a very high pressure, take care when working on fuel injection systems and fuel lines.

Never expose hands, face or any other part of the body to injector spray. the fuel can penetrate the skin with potentially fatal results. 

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